guard1 W3S3 [ga:d US ga:rd] n
5¦(on a train)¦
6 on your guard
7 catch/throw somebody off guard
8 guard of honour
9 the old guard
[Date: 1400-1500; : French; Origin: garde]
1.) ¦(PERSON)¦
a) someone whose job is to protect a place or person
There were two security guards on duty outside the building.
We were stopped by border guards .
Armed guards were posted by the exit.
b) someone whose job is to prevent prisoners from escaping
The prison guards were reasonably friendly.
the act or duty of protecting places or people, or of preventing prisoners from escaping
be on guard
Who was on guard the night the fire broke out?
keep/stand guard (over sb/sth)
Gunmen stood guard at the camp entrance.
be under (police/armed etc) guard
(=to be guarded by a group of people)
He was taken to hospital, where he is now under police guard.
3.) ¦(SOLDIERS)¦
a) [singular]
a group of soldiers who guard someone or something
The President has called in the National Guard.
b) the Guards
BrE a group of soldiers who protect the king or queen
something that is used to protect someone or something from damage or injury
a face guard
a fire guard
5.) ¦(ON A TRAIN)¦ BrE
a person whose job is to be in charge of a train
American Equivalent: conductor
6.) on your guard
to be paying attention to what is happening in order to avoid danger, being tricked etc
These men are dangerous so you'll need to be on your guard .
Something in his tone put her on her guard .
7.) catch/throw sb off guard
to surprise someone by doing something that they are not ready to deal with
Senator O'Hare was caught off guard by the question.
8.) guard of honour
a group of people who walk or stand together at a special occasion in order to show respect
Police colleagues formed a guard of honour at her funeral.
9.) the old guard
a group of people in an organization who want to do things in the way they were done in the past
the Communist old guard
10.)¦(FIGHTING)¦ [singular]
the position of holding your arms or hands up in a fight in order to defend yourself
He swung at me and I brought my guard up.
11.) ¦(SPORT)¦
a) one of two players on a ↑basketball team who is responsible for moving the ball to help their team gain points
b) one of two players on an American football team who plays either side of the centre
guard 2
guard2 v [T]
1.) to protect a person, place, or object by staying near them and watching them
The Sergeant told Swift to guard the entrance.
a lioness guarding her cubs
guard sb/sth against sth
There is no one to guard these isolated farms against attack.
2.) to watch a prisoner to prevent them from escaping
3.) to protect something such as a right or a secret by preventing other people from taking it away, discovering it etc
chiefs who jealously guarded their independence
a closely guarded secret
4.) to prevent another sports player from gaining points, getting the ball etc
guard against [guard against sth] phr v
to prevent something from happening
Exercise can guard against a number of illnesses.
guard against doing sth
Nurses should guard against becoming too attached to their patients.

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